Monday, April 6, 2015

Licensing – The Next Step in Building Your Brand

As all IP professionals know, building and protecting a brand can be an arduous but fruitful endeavor. And formulating a successful brand strategy often incorporates a variety of forms of IP protection. Such comprehensive strategies are especially important when dealing with multi-national brands.

In our most recent Anaqua Leadership Webinar, “Building & Licensing a Global Brand”, David Gooder, Managing Director and Chief Trademark Counsel for Jack Daniel’s, discussed the combination of trademark protection, brand protection, and licensing that supports this globally iconic brand. He starts by asking viewers, why license at all?
  • Brand Building: Licensing leads to marketing benefits for an organization by expanding the brand’s reach across different markets. Jack Daniel’s also has a media placement program which helps build an emotional connection between the brand and consumers. This has led to unexpected trademark benefits such as using product placements to prove reputation and fame in certain cases.
  • Brand Protection: Licensing is an important part of trademark protection in more than one way. Jack Daniel’s has built non-core trademark rights that currently cover over 23 classes of protection. The company uses the mark in those classes by either making and marketing products themselves or licensing others to do the same.
  • Brand Profit: Licensing can be a highly profitable operation.  In the case of Jack Daniel’s, total sales of licensed merchandise crossed over $100 million, making the licensing program itself bigger than some of the company’s other brands.
Beyond licensing, this webinar addresses other key areas such as the importance of careful innovation, overcoming enforcement challenges, and more. Throughout the webinar, David explains how the core values of the Jack Daniel’s brand have contributed to the success of its trademark and brand protection efforts today.

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