Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anaqua User Conference 2013

Boston is hosting a number of important IP conferences this year, including the IP Business Congress, the IPO Annual Meeting and, not least, the eighth Anaqua User Conference, which was held in May. A record number of Anaqua clients attended this year’s conference with some companies sending more than ten delegates.

As in past years, the first day included several training classes and the Anaqua Executive Council meeting. The Executive Council is a group of senior IP executives from Anaqua’s clients who provide strategic input to Anaqua and governance for the broader Anaqua community. Key discussion topics included optimizing IP strategies across all assets, patent quality metrics and the impact of new gTLDs on brand owners.

On the second day, after a welcome address from Priya Iyer, Anaqua’s CEO, the main conference kicked-off with a keynote presentation by Bruce Schelkopf, VP & Chief IP Counsel for Ingersoll Rand, on “Valuing IP for the C-Level Suite”.  Bruce spoke to the importance of understanding the perspective of executives with limited IP experience, particularly with the rising visibility of IP litigation, valuation and new legislation. He emphasized the need for educating the exec team on how an integrated IP strategy aligned with the company’s strategy and competitive situation is a critical factor in business success.

The keynote was followed by a series of client-led sessions on best practices in areas such as license management, patent review and foreign filing, optimizing the mix of in-house vs external resources and many other topics. The conference also included a number of ANAQUA product sessions including case studies, deep dives and a review of recent product releases and the future roadmap.

The third and final day was opened by Gregg Marrazzo, SVP IP for Estee Lauder and immediate past President of INTA (the International Trademark Association), who spoke on “Opportunities and Challenges of Brand Management”. Gregg spoke about the impact of social media on brand identity and protection as well as global vs local choices facing marketers.

Lunches and dinners were an opportunity to meet old and new friends and make contacts to learn from and share with during the conference and after. As one client attendee said “The value of this conference is unbelievable – to have the opportunity to share and learn from such innovative leaders in the IP space who speak the Anaqua language is just fantastic.”