Thursday, February 14, 2013

ANAQUA Implementation – What does it take?

We are often asked about this – “How much will it cost and how long will it take?” Well of course “It depends”! Clients range from large to small, have different starting points, goals and appetites for change.  Working with many clients over the years, we have developed a flexible set of implementation approaches to answer the needs of different clients.

Answer  #1: “A week or two”

For companies and law firms with only a few users and small portfolios, Anaqua offers cloud-based systems designed for instant access and a quick start. The system is ready to go because it is pre-configured for the needs of these users. It comes with how-to documentation and data upload tools so that new clients can get up and running on their own.

We offer StartUp service programs with one-on-one web-based training and assistance with data upload, configuration and other services. These programs are offered as options for corporate clients who often have the resources for self-starting. This is rarely the case with small IP law firms so we require StartUp services for these clients.
Answer #2: "Six weeks"

Anaqua provides IAM software solutions for mid-size teams and IP portfolios at companies or law firms of any size. These clients have larger databases to migrate and more complicated processes to implement. Their system may be hosted by Anaqua or by the client and may have requirements for integration with internal systems.

For these clients, we provide a structured six-week, fixed-cost StartUp program that encompasses planning, configuration, data migration, training, user acceptance and go live support. It acknowledges that smaller teams cannot dedicate significant time to the implementation of the system because they still have their day jobs. Anaqua Client Services staff come onsite for key phases with web-based collaboration at other times. The program is flexible to allow for varying levels of configuration, integration and onsite user training.
Answer #3: “Six months”

Large enterprises and law firms are in a different class. They may have hundreds of users, tens or hundreds of thousands of IP records and a complex array of existing IP applications. They usually have multiple locations and divisions with varying needs and must-have custom requirements. The decision to move to a new IAM system will also often involve significant business process change across multiple departments.

For clients like these, Anaqua has a proven Enterprise Implementation Methodology with dedicated Client Services teams and a track record of success. This program provides deep client-specific configuration and allows for client-driven enhancements that are integrated into the standard product to facilitate ongoing support and upgrades. After a thorough planning phase, Anaqua presents a detailed project plan, schedule and fixed cost. Some clients have clear, limited objectives which can be delivered in less than six months. Some clients will require longer to complete the entire project but Anaqua strongly recommends focused 4-6 month phases to deliver timely benefits.

In our conversations with prospective clients, it is usually pretty clear which implementation approach is the best fit for their situation. Sometimes as the dialog moves on, we see a need for more, or less, implementation effort. The key is to reach a common understanding of goals and resources and the appropriate implementation approach.

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