Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Top 5 Reasons to Review your IP Management Process

At Anaqua we work with all kinds of IP professionals – ranging from paralegals and lawyers that are part of teams of hundreds to sole practitioners managing a few dozen IP records. Amazingly, in our dialog with clients and prospects we constantly run into the same 5 issues that motivate them to review their IP Management Process.

·        Balancing in-house resources and Outside Counsel expenses

·        Controlling rising IP costs

·        Bringing IP operations In-House effectively

·        Reducing the risk of missed deadlines

·        Aligning your IP portfolio with your business and making better IP decisions

We’ve developed an Executive Brief that outlines these challenges, and discusses best practice solutions to improve your IP Management Process. It is written especially for those managing smaller portfolios, but the same challenges apply no matter what is the size of your IP portfolio.

To download a copy click here.