Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trademark Docketing Software – a reflection on INTA 2011

San Francisco weather was mostly cool and rainy for this year’s annual INTA conference, but this did not dampen the usual business and social activities. As an exhibitor, we had more booth visitors than ever before and many more pre-scheduled meetings than in previous years.

What was noticeable was the increased appetite for change – more companies and law firms are looking to replace their traditional trademark docketing systems. INTA is an opportunity to explore the IP systems that are on display and talk to peers about their experiences with new systems. In past years, exploratory conversations were often shadowed by the fear of change and organizational inertia. This year seemed different.

For companies, they know what is possible, they have seen their competitors move forward and they are beyond frustrated with their existing systems. They want paperless, electronic processes, collaboration with their internal clients and outside firms and easy browser access for their team. Most of all, they want to be able to get information out of their system when they need it - an apparently simple request that remains the number one daily pain point for almost every IP professional.

Law firms see continued pressure on costs and risk reduction but also new competitive demands for online client communication and services. Clients are pressing firms to provide online access to information and online requests for legal services to match the expectations set by their corporate and social web interactions. As a new generation of partners rises to the top, there is new thinking about the infrastructure needed for IP practice management. Their old trademark docketing software is not going to cut it.

We had many such discussions at the conference and look forward to continuing the dialog. To join the conversation, please contact me at or join our LinkedIn group by clicking here.

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