Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cloud-based IP management for smaller portfolios - ANAQUA Element

INTA is happening next week. (The International Trademark Association’s annual conference, May 15-18 in San Francisco). It is one of the largest IP conferences and certainly the most global with law firm and corporate IP professionals from most of the world’s countries representing small and large organizations. It’s a great way for vendors to meet existing clients and make contact with new companies and firms. In essence, Anaqua’s strategy has been to consistently expand the number of INTA attendees we can say ‘Yes’ to when asked if we have an IAM solution to meet their needs and budget.
In our early years the focus was on large enterprise clients like Microsoft and Coca Cola and the challenges of portfolio management, web-based global collaboration and paperless, electronic operations. We had no solution for smaller companies or law firms so we had to say ‘No’ to a lot of INTA attendees.

For INTA 2009, we had introduced ANAQUA Express in 2008 to provide out of the box IAM best practices for smaller corporate IP teams. Instead of the 4-6 month ANAQUA Enterprise implementations needed for larger companies, we developed a 6-week Express StartUp package that minimized the impact on the client’s IP staff as well as costing a lot less. That meant a lot more yesses in our INTA conversations with small and mid-sized companies as well as large companies with small portfolios.

For years we have had dozens of law firms come up to us at INTA and tell us they were using ANAQUA daily in their work for clients with ANAQUA, sometimes 3 or 4 different ANAQUA clients. They liked it a lot – could they get ANAQUA for their own internal use? In 2010 we were finally able to say ‘Yes’ when we launched ANAQUA Essential – a version of ANAQUA configured for law firm IP practice management. Maschoff, Gilmore & Israelsen in Utah became our first ANAQUA Essential client.

This year we are announcing ANAQUA Element, a cloud-based, quick start IP management solution for companies with smaller portfolios. ANAQUA Element for Trademarks is available immediately and a solution for Inventions and Patents will be available later this year. It is priced per person per month and with pre-configured roles and workflows and powerful upload tools, users can be up and running in a few days. That will mean a lot more ‘Yes’ answers at this year’s INTA.
So now we have expanded the core ANAQUA IAM product to four separate solutions, all using the same underlying technology, delivering the power of ANAQUA configured for specific categories of clients. Is there anyone we will still be saying ‘No’ to at INTA? Well, we do not yet have a solution for small law firms and solo practitioners, but stay tuned…

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