Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Intellectual Property In China

Intellectual property in China always seems to be a hot topic, and frequently pops up in my RSS news feed. This week the topic of China is particularly newsworthy for Anaqua in that we announce our first Chinese client in Huawei Technologies (click here to see press release). This is a fantastic client, and in our own modest way, we appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the success of one of China’s preeminent intellectual property based companies. I was fortunate to spend some time with Huawei’s IP Team in Shenzen, and they are well on their way to building a world class IP organization.

You may have also seen Joff Wild’s recent IAM Magazine Blog on the topic of China and IP finance. This is just another example of the Chinese government and China’s finance sector promoting intellectual property as a cornerstone of business development. This week the China Intellectual Property Business Summit is also being presented, with interesting topics and speakers. And, finally, in President Obama’s current visit to China, the topic of IP enforcement and trade policy was identified as a topic of discussion.

These are just a few recent examples of intellectual property news and events in China. And this is not an unusual week. What these events really represent is the continued momentum behind changes in China’s intellectual property environment. While areas for improvement remain, China’s commitment to and growing maturity in IPR bodes well for the future of competitive markets that share a consistent, reliable IPR system. However, as with other business areas in which China has ascended, we are well advised to appreciate and understand the cultural, business and legal principles that underlie their concept of an IPR system – and how they may differ from Western mindsets and standards.

This is an exciting time to be working in emerging IP markets, and we look forward to many new Chinese and Asia Pacific based clients joining the Anaqua community in the future. Our product will be better and the IP world will be better too.

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